BeaverAndBeaver, a production studio specialising in live action production as well as animation. We are a small team working with projects, bringing local and Arab voices to the foreground.

Founded in 2011, BeaverAndBeaver has grown since and tackles different types of moving imagery, from films, Music Videos and Commercial content/branding. We collaborate with both regional and european partners on our projects to create experiences and tell exciting stories. BeaverAndBeaver has garnered awards and selections at major film festivals and an visibility on an international scale.
We are very ambitious and aim to bring forward challenging and daring projects from Lebanon and the middle east.

janely about

     “Unafraid to combine both grainy elements of nature with streamline silhouettes of the future, the result is a modern vision relatively unseen by the industry.Critics can’t be wrong, two beavers do make a right.”
– Sophie Lane, Pause Festival.